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But Where Are All The Male Tutors?

The Role Of Male Tutors In Shaping Children's Character.
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Women or men, who are better? Is it possible to pass judgments solely based on a person's gender? NO is the answer, of course.

The ultimate goal of teaching is to convey knowledge in the most effective method feasible. No matter what the gender is, as a teacher, one must be able to pour knowledge into students in such a way that it becomes tangible.

Although women have been choosing to teach as a vocation for decades, primarily because they are considered kind and compassionate; but they may lack decisiveness, at least that is what it is believed. While male teachers on the other hand are considered to be better in disciplining the classrooms, but they may lack focus, and kindness, which is also a must!

Then what should the case be? Well, ideally it should be a well-rounded mix, but is it practical? On this note, the present article will elaborate the practicality of this debate.

Gender Diversity in The Education Profession

While the performance of both genders in primary and early high school has improved over the years, recently, female teachers outnumber male teachers in the education industry. This can be linked to a variety of demographic, economic, and cultural issues.

Over several decades, the teaching profession has steadily grown more female-dominated, which is alarming! As the share of male teachers in the workforce has declined considerably.

This can lead our children to miss out on important personality traits that are imparted through male’s counterparts. It is time to at least take notice.

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Teaching Approaches for Males and Females

When it relates to learning, teachers function as a major influencers for their folks. When students develop a strong relationship with their lecturers, they learn more successfully. So much, that is found that excellent teacher-student connections boost students' confidence and feelings of competence, which has a favorable impact on student learning.

Research also indicates that male and female teachers have different tutoring approaches. For instance, male instructors give greater valuable responses to children seeking advice than female teachers.

Similarly, female professors are more effective in theory sessions, whereas male teachers are more effective in laboratory-based classes.

Moving on, when female students have a female teacher, they do higher on standardized tests in some topics including language and arts, but there is little same-gender teacher effect for males.

So there seem to be quite many effects of having male or female teachers, but one is for sure that both are necessary for imparting a balanced education.

Why We Need to Have More Male Teachers!

Now is the time to have more males’ teachers in the education system. Male teachers diversify the education workforce and have a significant impact as role models for children in a profession where women are the majority.

The below are a few of the advantages of having male educators in the lecture room:

1. The presence of both male and female teachers allows children to learn from those who they consider being similar to them. This can give people a sense of belonging while also preventing disruptive conduct.

2. Some children will look up to instructors as role models to better learn how to connect constructively with adults who are unique from them.

3. Male teachers are more likely to boost pupils’ self-esteem and are judged by pupils to be fairer while being no more lenient than women.

4. Male teachers are beneficial to all students because they allow them to see individuals who are not violent and have positive connections with women.


While female teachers are ideal for primary schools, male teachers are favored in secondary schools since they can better control students. They, on the other hand, lack the discipline expected of senior pupils.

Female teachers, on the other hand, are frequently unwilling to broaden their understanding of a subject. Studies are needed on the causes behind males' present lack of passion in lecturing compared to females, as well as prospective research to identify sexual identity teaching relations in the class.

Both male and female teachers in the classroom employ different verbal and physical languages, as well as different communication techniques. The results also demonstrate the need for the school to invest in coaching and mentoring courses to enhance the teaching staff, male and female teachers' tactics for dealing with students' distinct gender variations in learning.

Final Remarks

Male elementary school teachers are viewed negatively as compared to female peers.

It's unknown why male instructors have negative perceptions; It's possible that males in elementary education are less effective than women, or that women in the field simply do not view their male colleagues as competent because of their own biases.

Men were also seen as being more relaxed back than their female counterparts, but in an unexpected contrast, as being stricter.

Hence, male teachers should be encouraged, as their numbers are decreasing in the education sector.


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