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How To Ace CSS Exams?

Myths And Realities

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Life is tough! There is no doubt about it. Life is full of challenges and opportunities. However, one requires preparedness to deal with both challenges and opportunities alike. Almost all the academic examinations inherently try to inculcate the required skills and grit so that one is ready to meet these challenges and opportunities of life. However, of all those examinations, CSS is the granddaddy! It is the epitome of excellence and success in Pakistan. It is considered one of the most difficult exams in the country with an average passing rate of 1.5% to 5% annually. And just like problems and opportunities are to be met with preparedness, the CSS exam too requires a hell of lot of preparation. 

However, before we proceed, it is important to understand that the very nature of the CSS exam is not like any other ordinary exam, and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, what is the CSS exam? It is an exam that requires an individual’s command over writing skills, pressure handling and time management. It requires the candidate to succinctly contain one’s all knowledge and critical appraisal of reviewed literature in writing within a 3 hours window of the examination. It is easy to say but actually quite difficult, and this is by far the most prominent reason for mass failure in this exam, which is -  to put it succinctly – underestimation of the exam. Hence this essay will deliberate upon the modus operandi as to how to pursue the preparation for the CSS exam, followed by various impediments that a candidate is likely to face when they are preparing for the examination and finally the prospects of passing the exam as well as if god forsakes you fail the exam.

The forthcoming paragraph will shed light upon some lucid techniques which may come in handy while you prepare for the CSS exam.

Build a solid reading habit

To start off, the most important aspect of CSS preparation is to build a solid habit of reading. Unfortunately, the education system within Pakistan does not focus on reading habits which lead to a lot of difficulties when students become professionals. In CSS preparation one require to go through extensive literature discourse. This is because the span of the exam syllabus is very diverse and wide. The best way to deal with this problem is to read newspapers daily for at least two hours. Hence, Read, read and read!

Write, Write, and Write

The other most important aspect of the CSS exam is writing. This is by far the most problematic area which candidate fail to understand and address. This is because writing is very difficult given various elements are required to build a solid hand on writing. For example, vocabulary, grammar, prose, expression and various other subtleties can add colours to the writing and impress the examiner. Hence, the ideal way to deal with this problem is to practice writing. In other words, write, write and write!

Attempt past exam papers properly

Moving on, the other most important aspect of CSS exam preparation is going through the exam’s past papers. Candidates often neglect the importance of past papers and they rely on guesswork and improvisation during the exam. This may be daring on the part of the candidate but it often results in anxiety and disorientation. Past papers are important because they help candidates to get well acquaint with the exam patterns and trends. They also enable the candidate with a certain amount of guesswork that is required in the exam. Hence, to get a hold on the exam, the candidate needs to go through the exam past paper thoroughly! 

Build temperament of studying for the exam

First of all, CSS requires temperament and patience. Things only get easy when a considerable amount of time has been apportioned in the preparation of the exam. This requires temperament. This means that an individual must slowly and gradually build the stamina to study for long hours. Furthermore, often daily distractions and commitments may come in the way of preparing for the CSS exam. An individual must apportion a dedicated duration of time and slots of continuous studying. In other words, an aspirant must build his or her temperament of studying for the exam!

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Amuse yourself along the journey

Moving on, an individual is very likely to face boredom and fatigue. Firstly, try to gauge your limits. What is the limit of time that you can dedicate without compromising your health? And your health includes both your physical and psychological health. According to the old school of thought, they would often suggest isolating yourself for 6 months or a year and study as hard as you can! But nowadays it is more preferable to take intermittent breaks and amuse yourself with any extracurricular activity like swimming or music. So in other words, make sure you have got something to amuse yourself as the journey is long!

Subsequently, one will either pass or fail the exam. Whatever the outcome be, it should not be taken to head or heart! At the end of the day, CSS is a game of luck. One should be only glad that he or she took the chances and underwent a journey full of adventure. Whether you pass or fail, that does not define you. What will define you is your effort and the chances you took! So, do not take the pressure of passing or failing the exam. Just do your best leave rest on Allah Almighty! Furthermore, if you think that you have the time and capacity left then start preparing for your next attempt or find any job but in no way waste your time and wait for the result.

Is it Worth the Efforts

The next question is - Is it worth the effort? Well let me assure you, it is worth every penny and every moment spent for the preparation for the exam. However, as the saying goes, do not put all your eggs in one basket. This is because CSS, after all, is a game of luck! There have been instances where a candidate has very meagre educational exposure passing the exam and there has been an instance where Harvard and oxford graduates couldn’t pass the exam. So, it is really important to strategically prepare for the exam so that there is the minimum loss if God forsakes you do not pass the exam.

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Job Security

The foremost benefit of passing the exam is job security and social status. CSPs are civil servants and government employees. Not only has it ensured job security but also social repute and respect. Civil servants have a say in social and political matters. They can influence decisions and policies. They have more power and privileges than any other strata of society. CSPs are simply next level.

An Opportunity to Server People

Moving on, CSS gives an opportunity to serve people. The noblest privilege that only a selected few has it in the world is to serve people and humanity. It is a godly trait. And only the most deserving and able individuals can inherit it.

Offering a Fulfilling Life

Lastly, CSS offers a more fulfilling life. The job satisfaction is next level. There is no comparison when it comes to job security. Moreover, the access to opportunities is limitless. Officers not only have access to next level opportunities but they also have the power to create good opportunities for themselves and their loved ones. Hence, when it comes to job fulfilment and security then CSS is at the top!


The sum and substance of all the discussion are that in order to pass the CSS exams, one is required to master certain techniques. These include reading, writing and practising the past papers. Furthermore, one needs to be vigilant of certain bulwarks that may come in the way. These include temperament issue, dealing with fatigue and boredom and pressure handling. Finally, the prospects of passing the exam are limitless opportunities and fulfilling life!

Hiring a tutor is advisable but not necessary, it may be that the child is able to cope up with education and exam pressure and also he/she has supportive parents and elders. However, it is the need of the hour to make things easy for your child. Read here for further clarity on this matter.

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