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The Tuition Culture: Is It That Bad? Or Trends Are Changing?

It Is Time To Redefine Education!
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The modern-day education system needs to evolve/ diversify, and there are plentiful reasons to support this stance. The foremost being, that the practical world has become complex and competent. If the education system does not evolve to prepare students for such complexity then practical life is likely to be an awful experience. However, this does not mean that tuition culture is to be encouraged, but rather a supportive educational infrastructure is required which supports unique and tailored educational requirement. According to Hashmi (2021), external academic help should only be an aide, and it should not be normalized. It is the parent’s insecurities and impatience that has led tuition to become a necessary part of their child’s educational endeavors.

However, a child’s education can occur in any form. For that matter, tuition or supportive learning might not be a bad idea. Besides, the old-schooling system is out of fashion now. Hence, given the aforementioned backdrop, this article aims to critically appraise both the perspectives on the tuition culture and enlighten its reader on this subject matter.

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Education is just like oxygen these days, given the VOCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world we are living in. Moreover, according to Monazza Aslam (2012), education of human resource plays an important role in the economic progress of nations, however, the increasing demand for competitive education has put unrealistic pressure on public sectors to cope up with increasing complexity in the education sector. Consequently, the private sector is made to share the overload related to the educational needs of countries. Hence, tutoring is an important and resourceful way around education, and for that matter, private education and the tuition culture can not be ruled out that easily.

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An External Aide

As discussed above, education is a necessary human endeavor, because, with a good education in hand, an individual is likely to face the challenges of life with greater optimism, resilience and self-assurance. In these regards, tuition is a great way to excel in academics. Schools are social setups that facilitate communal educational needs, and they are not really designed to fully cater for individual schooling needs. However, tuition may come in handy to fulfill the educational gap that schools create. In this regards, Monazza Aslam (2012), found that tuition had a significant impact on the reading skills of students which ultimately leads to more education and skill acquisition. Hence, tuition culture can be a great source of external aid through which school education can be augmented.

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Customized Education

Moving on, tutoring is a customized way of educating children. Normal schooling does not occur for one student, but rather it occurs for many students. It is simply not possible that a normal school can cater for individual needs. Even if it does, a child is likely to require external support. In these regards, a tutor may play a supportive role. Besides, tutors tend to be great mentors and study partners, so much that Malik (2012) calls tuition a necessary evil. Moreover, tuition is a more personalized approach towards academics and a way for individual attention. In fact, tutoring tends to inculcate proactiveness among students, extra skills and knowledge. As a result, a student tends to become more confident and self-assured in academics and so on.

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Exploitative Industry

There is plentiful evidence that suggests that the education industry has become exploitative over time. With higher fees and declining quality, the standards of education are not the same as they were before and that too comes at a huge financial burden for the parents. Moreover, in this digitally vibrant era, where knowledge is widely available, the role of a teacher is to synthesize information and knowledge and make it easy for the child to comprehend the outer world for the child. Then why should a teacher charge so much? For that matter, if the private education on tutoring is regularized and streamlined, and if there are better supervisory agents in the society, imparting education through private means may not really be a bad idea. Hence, the private education industry is only exploitative when it is not regulated.

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Excessive Reliance on Tutors for Academic Performance

An important question that parents or teachers raise, is that when the child is enrolled in the school then why the child is being re-directed for private tuition. This is true, tuition tend to serve as an escape from responsibilities and tuition tend to handicap students into over-relying over external sources. So much so that according to Sajid (2013), tuition tends to become an addiction, and once the child develops the habit of being spoon-fed, the child’s willpower and IQ power decline. The child’s critical thinking ability declines and rather than helping one own self, the child looks for external sources for help. Hence, for that matter excessively relying on tuition or external aid is not a good idea.

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In conclusion, tuition culture per se is not a bad thing as widely believed. However, parents and guardians need to be mindful of good and bad tutoring practices. The purpose should only and only be to support the child’s education and for that matter, one must seek only the most reliable tutors. In this article, we discussed that given the complex educational requirement, private education can not be ruled out, and tuition is a great way of external aid that tends to fulfill tailored educational needs. However, the private education sector may sometimes become exploitative due to less supervised controls, and overly relying on tuition by parents and guardians is not a good idea as well. Hence, the tuition culture is not that bad, and the trends are indeed changing, and for that matter, if tuition can help, then it should be welcomed.

Hiring a tutor with ParhaiLikhai advisable but not necessary, it may be that the child is able to cope up with education and exam pressure and also he/she has a supportive parents and elders. However, it is the need of the hour to make things easy for your child.

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