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Top 6 Benefits Of School Homework: Back To The School!

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We all know that most part of school life is divided into two big chunks: the first one is classwork, and the other one is homework. The classwork is mostly the responsibility of the school faculty, while the homework is entirely the responsibility of the student and the child guardians. In the world of schooling and education, the trend of homework is still controversial. One school of thought believes that homework put unnecessary pressure on school children, and more so teacher does it intentionally to warden off their headache of dealing with the child's progress. While the other school of thought believes that homework is a useful technique in developing skills and knowledge in a child.

Before we list down the benefits of homework, let’s first understand who is responsible for the homework. Homework is the responsibility of the child and the respective guardians. Things only work when you make some efforts. It is impossible to progress if you lack the will.

Homework is your part of the effort. It means that the tutor or the school can only help you if you want to be helped. There need to be some efforts on your part and only then you can expect any positive results.

Below are listed some benefits of homework:


Home works are there to teach students how to manage their own selves. Teachers, parents or any other guardians will not always be there to assist you. When you grow up you will have to take care of your own self. Ultimately you will be your own boss.

Moreover, you are probably going to face competition in life. What will you do then, wait for someone to come and help you or help your own self. Obviously, you will have to help yourself out of the mess you are in. So homework is a really good exercise that will teach a child to be responsible for their own selves.

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Improved Conscientiousness

Moving on, a good amount of research suggests that homework’s tend to make students more conscientious about their surroundings. An elaborated study conducted by Richard Göllner (2017) deliberates that regular homework exercises give a boost to a student’s performance and it is a powerful tool to develop student’s conscientiousness at an early age.

In these regards, the research studies in a total of 2,760 students and establish a positive and systematic coherence between homework and conscientiousness over time. Hence, homework stimulates positivity among students at an early age.

Keeping it Sharp and Shinny

Yes, you read it right. Home works keep you sharp and shiny. They keep you competitive in your class and give you an extra edge over your peers.

Let me narrate to you my experience. I had a classmate who used to ace all the tests and exams without getting tired. I always wondered how he does that even though I used to work hard too. After many years I found out that he had a habit of doing his homework twice! The same homework but twice. And that’s how you ace your exam!

Hardwiring the lessons learnt

School lessons are so precious that I cannot overstate them enough. Big jolts of life lessons! However, if you want them in your memory then you need to hardwire them. And just how do you hardwire them? You practice them until they become your second nature.

Homework should be practised until the very lessons have become part of your nature. Make it a habit and under many situations, you will naturally recall the lessons.

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Improves the Self Esteem and Confidence

Moving on, when you complete your assignment you feel that sense of accomplishment. This raises your self-esteem and gives you the necessary confidence and even your class participation improves. Moreover, the flow that comes in is the true winner as it unlocks your experience and ultimately you shine bright.

Your Family gets involved in the process

A very important benefit of homework is that your family gets involved in a lot of ways. This sets the entire family on the journey of learning and growing together. It is such a wonderful experience.

Also, you get extra knowledge from the elders of the house!


50% of schooling is about homework. Hence, one cannot ignore its importance. Yes, it is a bit controversial considering new trends and techniques that have come around. Home works are old school but they still work.

However, as tutor providers, we at Parhai Likhai with advice that homework should be focused, easy and fun! As one cannot simply undermine the learning and development they inculcate in a child, as that is the combo that can help positive progress in a child, especially when a student is working with a 1-on-1 tutor. Also, it is important to track the progress of the child intermittently, so that appropriate homework could be designed for students.

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