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What Goal(s) To Set Yourself For The New Year?

New Year, New You!
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In the New Year, we all want to set ourselves new goals and resolutions – perhaps to gain a new skill, take up a hobby, or feel healthier. Why not set yourself a goal to improve your learning in 2020? At Parhai Likhai, we make it our priority to connect you with the best talented tutors in Pakistan available to tend to all of your learning needs. 

Below some quick tips to help you set some easy to achieve self-development goals:

Set aside some specific time during the day for your own self 

You are important too! Quite often, we are so busy helping others, firefighting, doing our daily chores that we almost forget about ourselves. We forget that we need to invest in ourselves too. A culture of constant learning is a great investment in yourself and we are sure you would agree that it refreshes you once again. Be willing to allocate some specific time during the day or evening to create some discipline and focused learning.

Learn from anything, or better, everything 

Read a book for 15/30 minutes, listen to a podcast or a ted talk whilst walking/jogging, or read some inspiring article on social media whilst traveling to work, to name a few quick ways of investing in your self-development.

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Book yourself to a course or a training

You can consider enrolling yourselves in online training programs. You would be surprised that online training and courses offer a much inexpensive route to acquire new skills and learn new trades. 

Pick up a new hobby

Depending on the hobby, the skills you may gain as a direct result of your leisurely pursuits can also make you better at your jobs (and make you a more appealing candidate for potential employers). Ask yourself what is it that you love. It’s a good thing to explore as quite often what you love to do could be turned into something as a hobby and alongside learn. Things like ‘love to eat out’ could be turned into ‘taking a course in cooking’ or if you are into the digital world, perhaps a blog writer discovering amazing places to eat and sharing it with the world. 


We hope that you are able to take some inspiration from the above. There are a lot of different suggestions and ideas available on various online forums that you can research further if you fancy. Ultimately, it is down to your personal commitment to learning and ownership to build your own plan and pace at which you would like to learn.

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