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The Best International Educational Magazines For Children To Follow In 2021!

Here Are Your Best Picks For This Year!
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Do you want your child to build solid reading habits? Are you in search of fun-packed reading material and publications? Are you looking for something that adds to your child’s mood while also enhancing your child’s knowledge and vision? Additional material pertaining to education that adds to one’s knowledge as well as keeping you and your child updated with all the education news is an important resource to follow especially in today’s pandemic hit the world. Whether you are homeschooling your child during the pandemic, or your child is a university going scholar, educational magazines are a must-have as they cover a wide range of topics. Moreover, it might be challenging to plan a lesson, as finding the right supplement material may be difficult. In this regard, we have compiled a list of Amazon’s bestselling Children’s educational magazines based on their ranking on Amazon.

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Below are listed the top 12 best-selling children’s educational magazines that were top-rated and reviewed by Amazon, however, the list is non-exhaustive and subject to further research.

1. National Geographic Kids

There would hardly be anyone who would be unfamiliar with the grandiosity of the National Geographic Franchise, as it is one of the most famous publication agencies in the world. National Geographic Kids is a fast-paced and fact-based magazine that is suitable for reading by the age group of 6 and above. For more than 35 years, the National Geographic magazine has been a popular choice among readers because of its majestic photographic aesthetics, facts and beautiful prose. The magazine is also known to inspire its readers for being conscientious towards the environment and global geography. The main areas which the National Geographic franchise has touched include animal photography, technology and infrastructure, science, archaeology, geography, popular cultures such as jazz and entertainment. Given these features, the National Geographic Kid is our first pick among the best educational magazines out there!

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2. National Geographic Little Kids

A further extension to the national geographic magazine's franchise is National Geographic Little kids which is an ideal pick for little pre-school going children and their parents. This particular magazine engages its readers with captivating stories, engaging outlooks, awe-inspiring photos, games and above all, educating its readers on modern education techniques and ways around. All in all, the National Geographic Little Kids is our second pick among the best educational magazines!

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3. Highlights For Children

Highlights for Children is an award-winning explorative magazine which writes on trendy new topics, investigates awe-inspiring subject around the world and publishes scientific experiments. The magazine has also won several awards for its inspiring publications. The magazine covers a wide range of themes which include fiction, nonfiction, hidden pictures, quizzes and puzzles, scientific experiments and entertainment. It is suitable for the age group of 6 – 12, besides, the franchise claims to be as old as 70 years – and promises to improve reading abilities, inculcate creative sense, improve analytical and critical skills, and improve one’s self-esteem and confidence. Together with these awesome features, highlights for children is our third best pick.

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4. Ranger Rick

Moving on, Ranger Rick is another magazine that children love, and is suitable for the viewing of children ageing 7 and above. The magazine is full of amazing facts, jaw-dropping wild-life photography, adventure schemes and amazing reading articles. The magazine is published by National Wildlife Foundation which is said to encourage outdoor activities and adventurous pursuits among children. Together, these features make this magazine a must-subscribe!

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5. Highlights High Five

Our next pick is Highlights High Five which is founded on the principle that kids are the most important elements in society, and for that matter, they must be encouraged to become curious, creative, confident and caring. The magazine aims to assist the caregivers - may they be the parents, teachers or general society – to nurture young minds by inculcating and encouraging natural senses such as reasoning, problem solving and self-expression. Appropriate for the age group of 2 - 6, Highlights High Five is an amazing read!

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6. Ranger Rick Jr.

Ranger Rick Jr. is an appropriate pick for wildlife lovers which is full of playful activities, inspiring stories and astounding natural aesthetics. The magazine aims to draw young minds towards nature while being interactive and fun. All in all, the magazine is a good buy!

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7. Muse

Muse is an explorative magazine for children between the ages of 9 – 14 with enlightening illustrations, succinct articles by award-winning writers and jaw-dropping images and aesthetics. The dominant areas which the article covers include astronomy, genetics, technology, physics, earth science and many more. The magazine claims to target the reading skills and creative thinking of young minds. Hence, Muse is an amazing magazine that is worth a subscription.

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8. Ladybug

Another good read is the Ladybug magazine, as the magazine published some of the most amazing poems, prose, stories with amazing characters. The magazine is said to be aesthetically rich and visually colourful, appropriate for the ages 2 – 6. Ladybug magazine is must subscribe magazine for every household that has kids who go to pre-school.

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9. Cobblestone

Cobblestone is a unique magazine as it deals with history-related topics. The magazine is particularly appropriate between the ages of 9 – 14, and the magazine aims to illuminate curiosity among young minds with a focus on historical topics. The magazines transform the dryness of the history subject by breathing playfulness and interactive historical arts that captivates the reader and keeps them hooked up. All in all, Cobblestone is a must-have magazine for children.

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10. Ask

Ask is again an explorative magazine that aims to educate children on subjects of arts and sciences, which is appropriate for the ages between 6 – 9. The curious young minds satiate when they see cartoons, games, and scientific experiments. The magazine is famous for articulating science-related articles in the area of astronomy, information technology such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and much more. Moreover, the magazine reviews best-selling books and also suggests readings for young minds. All in all, the magazine is great for curious minds as the name also suggests, ASK!

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