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Top 10 Boarding Schools In Pakistan

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Boarding schools provide numerous advantages to students. Going to preparatory school is the starting stage in what many individuals deem a life-changing choice: Going to a boarding house has several advantages that will settle in the long run.

Students learn not just how to handle their own affairs, but also how to live and interact with others. They must enhance their interpersonal skills since beyond, no escaping at boarding house.

The typical boarding school student is eager to take benefit of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in a community that prioritizes learning, personal growth, and discovery.

# 1: Aitchison College

Aitchison University is a residential and day school for children in grades 1–13 in Lahore, Pakistan. In a secure, friendly, and pleasant environment, boarding at Aitchison promotes each boy's independence and fosters a network of close friends.

Senior staff, visiting experts, and the College doctor all contribute to the boys' growth on a regular basis at the College. One of Aitchison's most prominent aspects is the high success percentage of boys gaining admission to institutions of their first choice, both in the United States and abroad.

The students from the college have received the first prize from Australia.

Official Website: www.aitchison.edu.pk

# 2: Cadet College, Hasan Abdal

As Pakistan's first institution of its kind, Cadet College Hasan Abdal has set the bar for high-quality boarding schools for boys. Over the course of its sixty-year history, its graduates have not only made significant contributions in the national mainstream, but many have also crossed frontiers and are now playing roles on a global level.

Cricket, hockey, football, basketball, and volleyball are among the sports performed on the College's large playing fields. Cadet colleges are educational institutions, with the goal of providing not just academic achievement but also total development for future leaders.

Official Website: www.cch.edu.pk

# 3: Lawrence College

Lawrence, like Aitchison and Cadet College Hasan Abdal, is a top-notch institution. By giving the best faculty members and an overall nice campus environment, it has clawed its way up to these big names. They try to keep children physically active and instill sportsmanship in their personalities by keeping them interested in various sports activities.

The highest honor given to a student is the Roll of Honour, which recognizes his or her achievements in both academics and sports. This is a rare award awarded only to the most gifted and intelligent youngsters.

Official Website: www.lawrencecollege.edu.pk

# 4: Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur

One of the few secondary schools that allow female pupils to board. One of them is Sadiq Public! It includes a 451-acre campus with dozens of on-campus activities. Sadiq Public School adheres to conventional teaching and learning methods, instilling in our children the principles of honesty, integrity, hard effort, and respect in order for them to grow into well-rounded individuals.

The School's strictly monitored and all boarded homes are pleasant, well-appointed with contemporary conveniences. In the essay writing competition held by the Royal Commonwealth Society in London, five students from Sadiq were won the coveted Certificates of Merit.

Official Website: www.sadiqpublicschool.com

# 5: Chand Bagh School

Chand Bagh School is one of Pakistan's top schools, with a strong intellectual heartbeat, an unwavering dedication to social responsibility, a leadership-development curriculum, and a global alumni network. Beautiful artwork by students is presented in the Arts Hall, which is a huge, spacious, and completely equipped arts lab that improves the aesthetics and creativity of each abstain. Chand Bagh School's transportation department is open 24/7 to assist students with their transportation needs. Pick-up and/or drop-off services from travel points to the school are provided for students arriving from abroad and other cities.

Official Website: www.chandbagh.edu.pk

# 6: Abbottabad Public School & College

 The school (APS), formerly called Railway Public School and Abbottabad Public School and College, is an all-boys public boarding school serving students from grades 7 through 12 in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Abbottabad Public School has made a substantial endowment to educational growth. It has proven to be an excellent training ground for the Armed Forces, Civil Services, and Professional Organizations.

This academy is a well-known prep school in the neighborhood. Many students have come from all around Pakistan as well as other countries to attend. On both the 10 and 12 year Board examinations, APS children have regularly fared well.

Official Website: www.aps.edu.pk

# 7: Army Public School, Jhelum

Army Public School and College Jehlum is a Jehlum-based private school that offers classes in a variety of areas. APSC is an English Medium School dedicated to the area's educational advancement. At the junior level, the division at School and College Jhelum is non-gendered.

The Army Public School in Jhelum offers a variety of scholarships to deserving pupils. Alongside academics, the school places a strong emphasis on non-collegiate activity. In addition, the school competed in a lot of competitions and contests. Students also participate in cultural and social activities.

Official Website: www.apsacssectt.edu.pk

# 8: American School Karachi

This College is a safe acre of prime estate in the middle of the metropolis. Our newly constructed campus includes cutting-edge scholastic, healthcare, and auxiliary amenities and areas, students at the Karachi American College will have a one-of-a-kind educational experience. A contemporary auditorium is available at KAC for PE classes, athletic activities, and school parties.

After students have applied and gotten their admission letter from KAC, the college offers significant financial aid and scholarship options to deserving students on a case-by-case basis. The idea is to establish a community college structure in Pakistan to help local learners overcome the gap. Students will be able to transfer their course credits to a variety of American and international schools and universities.

Official Website: www.kas.edu.pk

# 9: Divisional Public School

The divisional public school and intermediate college in Lahore's legendary status as one of Pakistan's top few educational institutions were not achieved overnight, but rather through unparalleled visionary leadership, persistent diligence, and a consistent drive to achieve educational excellence through performance.

Teachers are highly qualified, extremely experienced, incredibly skilled, and incredibly imaginative in meeting students' academic demands in an ever-changing and invariably challenging world. DPS Lahore is one of the few schools in the country with a fully functional boarding house.

Official Website: www.dpsfsd.edu.pk

# 10: PAF Public School Sargodha

In Sargodha, the Pakistan Army runs a residential school called PAF College Sargodha. The College has constructed two well-equipped Language Labs to give students enough exposure to spoken English.

Under the supervision of qualified teachers, the boys are exposed to a variety of well-chosen language programs and given many opportunities to polish their spoken speech.

PAF College Sargodha is a one-of-a-kind institution in the country that provides students with counselling services. The Chief of the Air Staff and other well-known Sargodhian figures provide a variety of scholarships to students.

Official Website: www.tahirasyed.com


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