December 19, 2020

What Information From Our Online Profile Is Shared Publicly? Or With Parents?

Sharing Of Confidential Information

By PL Admin

All your confidential details are secured at PL platform!

None of your personal details such as address, CNIC, phone number or scripts of your qualifications are shared publically or on your online profile. This information is however used by us to a) verify your details and b) be able to establish contact with you, should you be selected by parent or PL team for a tuition job.

If you are shortlisted for a tuition job by either a parent or PL team and you accept the demo invitation, parent's contact details will be shared with you as well as parent/tutee is shared with your email and phone number. You then establish contact directly.

Note: We only publish your first name on your online profile to avoid any offline unauthorised searches by anyone through social media. You also have complete control on your public profile at all times i.e. you can unpublish your profile for 30 days. For data protection it is our policy to delete all profiles that remain unpublished from our website unless you inform us not to delete them specifically.

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