Terms and Conditions for Tutors

By registering as a tutor with Parhai Likhai (‘the service provider’), you (‘the tutor’) agree that the following terms and conditions (‘the terms’) will govern our relationship.

It is important for the tutor to carefully read all the terms in order to avoid any misunderstanding and unwanted scenarios in future. The terms state the terms and conditions of our engagement as well as the responsibilities of Parhai Likhai as a service provider.

Verification Process

1. The service provider will only refer / publish verified tutors on its website. Whilst Unverified tutors can create their profile on our website, currently they will not be able to apply to any of Parhai Likhai tuition jobs. This is simply due to our rules of engagement with parents where we promise to provide students/parents with verified tutors only.

A non-refundable verification fee will be required as a one off which will need to be paid through appropriate banking channel prior to your account being activated. We are sure that we will share with you student details for appropriate job that fits you. This is our promise to you.

Service Fees

i.All successful tuitions that you obtain through our portal will attract a set %age of service fees. Tutor will be required to pay this fee to designated banking account of Parhai Likhai within 48 hours of receiving payment from student/parent.

ii.The service fees will be a certain percentage of "first month" tuition fees. It can vary depending on the nature of the tuition job and requirements. You will be duly informed of the fees before agreeing to tuition. No fee is charged for subsequent months. This fees enables us to continue providing our users with a personalised seamless experience through our portal and is fair compensation for our efforts and services to you and parents/students.

iii. The service fees will be informed and agreed with the tutor prior to exchange of contact details of students/parents with the tutor.

iv. Tuition fees must be mutually agreed between parent/student and tutor and it is tutor's responsibility to confirm the amount of tuition fees. We prefer our service fees to be based on actual tuition fees and not on estimated/indicated tuition fees that was informed to us by parents at the start of tuition enquiry.

v. We reserve our rights to change our service fees terms which will be duly informed before any tuition engagement


Parhai Likhai platform aims to offer a free platform to everyone. Whilst our free membership suits many professionals who would like to pursue tuition jobs in their spare time, we also offer premium plans for tutors who wish to pursue tuitions as their main business.

At the time of successful registration of a tutor with us, management may offer tutors a complimentary upgrade to one of our premium plans. This plan reverts back to free plan after the period. Should tutor wishes to upgrade to one of the premium plans, further options may become available to them.

Management reserves the right to make any changes to membership terms and conditions.

Identification and Validation

2. The tutor must be a resident of Pakistan and must prove his / her identity through CNIC and / or passport and / or driving license.

In no circumstances we require original documents however we require photocopies of a minimum of CNIC/appropriate identification document and primary qualification as part of verification.

You agree to provide us with us these copies and understand why we require them.

Operational Code

3. The tutor must must comply with ‘Parhai Likhai Code of Ethics and Conduct’ in true letter and spirit. Any breach of the Code will be deemed as a violation of the terms and conditions of our engagement and Parhai Likhai reserve the right to terminate the engagement without further notice.

4. The tuition hours / Days / Week / Time, place, fee and mode of fee will be mutually decided by the tutor and tutee. Parhai Likhai will not interfere in anyway in this regard.

5. The tutor will charge no fee for demo class/s. We recommend the tutor must not provide more than one demo class.

6. Once the engagement of tutor and tutees is established (i.e. a mutual understanding between the tutee and tutor is reached), Parhai Likhai will not be held responsible for any mishap or inconvenience caused in the future between the tutor and tutee of whatsoever nature. We however encourage parents to submit tutor appraisal at the end of the engagement and which will be reflected in tutor's profile. Note the appraisals and feedback scoring helps us prioritise tutor's referral to parents.

7. The tutor can cancel / discontinue this engagement anytime by contacting us at the following email address ‘info@parhailikhai.com’ or alternatively they can do so by deactivating their profile in their settings page in their account on our website.

Code of Ethics and Conduct (The Code)

The core ethical foundation of the Code is based on our six values – Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Trust and Care.


The teaching profession has a very defined and distinguished role in Pakistan. The Code reiterates and makes explicit the values and standards that our tutors must comply to.

The main objective of Parhai Likhai Code of Ethics and Conduct is to serve as guiding tool for the tutors to an ethical and professional conduct and to uphold the honor and dignity of the teaching profession.

The role of our tutor is to provide quality education to the students. Parhai Likhai sets out the following standards that apply to all our registered tutors.

The Parhai Likhai tutor should:

  • Develop the relationship with the students and parents that is characterized by professional integrity, honesty, care, mutual respect and trust.
  • Be flexible in teaching, acknowledge / respect the uniqueness, individuality and specific need of each student and work on their holistic development.
  • Be committed to the best interest of the students, treat each student fairly, equally, with care and respect and seek to inspire, motivate and celebrate effort and success.
  • Be committed to accommodating student’s diversity including but are not limited to:
    1. Gender
    2. Age
    3. Ethinicity
    4. Religion
    5. Disability
  • Act with honesty and integrity in all aspect of their work. The integrity is demonstrated through:
    1. Acting in the best interest of the students / parents
    2. Maintaining professional relationship with the students / parents.
    3. Behaving in ways that advances the Parhai Likhai brand and the teaching profession.
  • Use their real name / any other details as per their CNIC and registration form.
  • Respect the privacy and confidential information of students / parents acquired during the course of professional practice, unless a legal representative/s requires disclosure of any such information.
  • Disclose any conflict of interest between their professional work and private interest that could be deemed to negatively impact the students / parents. Though, the Code encourages to avoid any such conflicts
  • Uphold the status, honor, reputation and act as an ambassador of the profession.
  • Avoid any kind of sexual relationship with students / parents. Any act of sexual harassment and bullying must also be avoided.
  • Ensure the safety and welfare of the students and take all the reasonable steps in this aspect.
  • Report incidents or matters to the Parhai Likhai team, where appropriate, which impact student’s welfare.
  • Pay all the relevant taxes and work within the framework of relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Effectively communicate with the students / parents and Parhai Likhai team in a manner that is professional and based on honesty, trust and respect.
  • Act in the best interest of the students / parents.
  • Respect the dignity of all students and be open and responsive to constructive feedback regarding their practice and, if necessary, seek appropriate support, advice and guidance from the Parhai Likhai tutor’s support team.
  • Maintain high quality of teaching practice with respect to students learning, monitoring, planning, reporting and providing feedback.
  • Work on the holistic development of the students by applying their knowledge and experience in the best interest of the students.
  • Clearly communicate the challenges and achievable expectations to the students / parents.
  • Develop a learning environment where students are motivated and comfortable to learn and can develop lifelong learning skills.
Parhai Likhai Rights and Obligations

8. Parhai Likhai do not discriminate against tutors based on racial or gender factors. Our referral system works on matching skills of tutors with appropriate consideration to their past experience and feedback scores. Should parents prefer a particular gender of tutors to teach their children, we will make a note of this specific request and in that case, will provide a minimum desired profiles matching their preference but will also attach additional mix gender profiles to parents. Ultimately the choice of selecting a tutor rests with parents only.

9.Parhai Likhai must select / refer tutors based on the selected plan by the tutor, relevant experience of the tutor, location of the tutor and requirements of the tutees. In case the selected / referred tutors do not respond to us within 2 hours, Parhai Likhai will refer the next best tutors that it deems appropriate. The turnaround time is designed to meet our high expectations of parents from us.

10.Parhai Likhai aims to pay renumeration / commission (if any) within 5 working days of receiving payment from the parents (net of commission). However, in the unlikely circumstance of delays expected, tutor will be duly informed.

11. Parhai Likhai reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of our engagement for the betterment of this venture. All relevant stakeholders will be informed of the change and should they wish to discontinue their engagement with us, we will give them 1 months notice. No annual subscription will be refunded to tutors who have had one or more tuition engagement with us. Prorata refund for the remaining quarters will be considered for tutors who have not had any tuition engagement with us.

12. Parhai Likhai will not share / disclose the information of tutor to any third party until and unless it is required by law to do so or any regulator seeks this information. Our data is stored through our preferred/chosen data storage and databases solution provider who store your data on a secure server behind a firewall.