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5 Actionable Strategies To Make The Most Out Of Your Child's Tuition Session!

Pre-preparation Is The Key!
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Now that you have found a great tutor for your child, making the most out of that limited time slot that the tutor offers might be tricky. Mostly, tutors are busy individual as some are working professionals while others handle dozen and even hundreds of students at a time. Amidst such traffic, if your child is ill-prepared for the lessons then not only your child would be wasting time and efforts, but it will also lead to great financial loss. Besides, the efforts will also not lead to any material success, and this entire exercise will simply go in vain. In these regards, Tan (2017), asserts that parent and guardian must stay in hard contact with the tutor so that any nuances related to the tutor-student engagement is well communicated, and that too before time.

With this backdrop, this article will elucidate 5 actionable strategies to make the most of your study time with the tutor, and avoid getting overwhelmed by the fast-paced study regimes.

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Know Your Child!

It is obvious for parents to have a deep understanding of their child; however, tutors cannot be expected to develop that understanding is merely the first meeting. While it is absolutely imperative that the parents and the teacher both develop an inquisitive understanding of the child. In these regards, Graham (2019) has enumerated 7 points, which include the child’s health conditions, family background and issues, personality, strengths and weakness, learning style, study habits, and special interests. If such information is well communicated beforehand, the teacher would be able to better do his/ her job. Hence, knowing your child can help both parents and teachers to formulate an effective study plan, thereby setting a good course for the child’s education.

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Now that you have adequately communicated the subtle information, it is now time to book a demo. The purpose must be to see if the tutor-student chemistry sits in well. According to Concisely (2015), some of the most important things to look for in a demo include the following: is the demo well organized? is the lesson purposeful? is the tutor interactive? is the tutor good at managing the lesson? And is the tutor reflective? Having said that, over scrutinizing a tutor might not be a good idea as well. Since it is tutoring, the experience is supposed to be joyful for both the teacher and the student. Besides, tutors are humans as well, they may lack experience, and for that matter, Parhai Likhai encourages parents to consider young tutor by allowing them to prove themselves. Hence, an effective demonstration will decide if the tutor and the child’s chemistry sits in well and whether the sessions will continue or not.

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Planning the Session

Now that the tutor is selected, and an understanding is developed about the child and his or her life dynamics, it is now time to plan the session. In these regards, Home Tuition Bangalore (2017) has jotted down some pertinent pointers which include the following: the session must be well rounded and lessons should be decided beforehand, the teacher must be well-communicative and must establish an open and positive environment, all study resources such as notes etc must be well prepared and readily available, a tutor must also ask student/ students to set their study kit in order before the commencement of the session, and tutor must also engage with parents periodically to discuss the child’s progress. Lastly, before wrapping up the session, the tutor must review all his/ her tutoring ideas. Hence, a well-planned session will yield maximum benefits for both the tutor and the student.

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Fun and Flexible, Yet Professional!

Never forget, that teaching is supposed to be a learning experience and it should not be a torcher for the child. In fact, effective learning only occurs when the process is being enjoyed! In these regards, Independent School Parent (2021) has elaborated that tutors should be flexible in their learning plans and must allow the child to blossom. As discussed earlier as well, tutoring is supposed to be fun. However, that does not mean that tutor engages unprofessionally. Moreover, things like session location, duration and lessons should be flexible to the needs and mood of the student. Similarly, the tuition time slot should be the one during which the student is most productive, for instance during mid-day the child is likely to be tired, while in the evening the child might be fresh. Finally, once the tuition is arranged, make sure that the place where the tuition is being given should be quiet and distraction-free. Hence, being flexible without compromising professionalism is a quality that a tutor should possess.

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Follow-ups and Homework!

Lastly, a good tutor never leaves the student un-attended, and that is for during the tuition session as well as after the tuition session. What is meant by this is that tutor must set up the tutoring regimes through follow-ups on lessons and giving homework. According to Vega (2017), some good practices in this regards include the following: a tutor should ask for a review of the last tutoring session. Similarly, before starting the new session, the tutor may discuss the objectives of the session. Moving on, the tutor must establish a healthy environment and encourage the student to give feedback, and likewise, the tutor should also give feedback to the child through short quizzes and open discussion. Finally, before wrapping up the session, the tutor should give some homework with the purpose that the child remains engaged and productive during the absence of the tutor. By doing so, it is assured that the child will make the most out of the tutoring session.

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In conclusion, tutoring comes at relatively great financial stress, hence it is the right of both the parties e.g.. the parents and the tutor to make the most out of this engagement. This article threw light on few most important strategies that may create a win-win situation for all the parties involved. These actionable strategies include knowing your child, assessing the tutor through demoing, pre-planning the session, encouraging a friendly environment, and reinforce learning through follow-ups and homeworking. If these strategies are executed right, nothing can stop your child from becoming the rock star that you want them to be.

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