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The Changing Role Of Mobile Devices In Education!

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In line with overall global technological outlook, the use of mobile devices is rapidly being employed as a learning aid in learning programs. Because of the economic digitalization, educators too are forced to adapt to technological advances.

There is no doubt that the mobile devices have made learning more accessible to the general public because its portability and Integrability. Teachers can develop personalized courses, quizzes, and projects for individual students and assign them instantly, while students can choose to study by viewing videos or attending webinars. This not only keeps students engaged, but it also allows teachers to concentrate their efforts on improving student performance.

However, the changing role of mobile devices in education from being a restricted mode of education, to becoming a norm, is quite marvelous. For that matter, let us explore more on this line of reasoning, in the article below that will deliberate on the changing role of mobile devices.

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Market trends

The market obviously reacts to such cataclysmic catastrophes such as the pandemic. The market is now being driven by the expanding adoption of digitalization trends in the education sector, as well as the growing popularity of IoT-based smart devices.

With the emergence of coronavirus illness (COVID-19), schools and training facilities are replacing the traditional blackboard with smart technology in their learning environments. 

It has given learners access to materials while also bringing interactive methods to improve the overall learning experience.

Other market trends include:

E-Books and Online Study

These days, students  are seemed keener in online schooling. This is when library and book-searching applications come in useful. These tools make it simple for students to find the right study materials in the mobile app. It helps individuals organize all study resources on the internet and gets them nearer to the learning resources.

Distance Tutoring

Students can save time and effort when it comes to learning and obtaining information. Because the modules are on mobile apps, they have instant access to the module or course.

Game based tools 

When a student works on game-based learning, they may believe they're just having fun with a game, but there's a lot that goes into creating a game that can be utilized as a study aid.

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The Benefits of Using Mobile Devices in Education

Children are much more compelled to utilize smart phones for everything in these changing times. The following are some of the advantages of adopting smart phones in learning:


The routine of e – learning is very flexible. Students possess the autonomy to study anyplace and at any time they desire. It is up to them what they want to study and for how much time they have to study.

Access to materials at any time

Students require several types of resources. These resources can be notes, theories, diagrams, etc. The materials in e-learning were provided to children at all hours of the day.

Immediate result or feedback

The tests are taken through online quizzes or some pre designed software which first conduct the test and then check them. This reduces the work of the teacher.

Fast learning

In traditional learning, the speed of learning is determined by the amount of professionals on hand, the number of classrooms available, and the class's time allotted. But in the case of e – learning, the speed depends on as per the needs of the students.

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Challenges of Using Mobile Devices

It is increasingly the norm rather than the exception for students to have access to a mobile device to use in and out of class, in case by itself or one supplied by the school, it's important that they have one. However, education leaders are facing plenty of new issues as a result of this rapid use of mobile devices in the classroom.

Creating mobile-friendly learning materials

Whether it's designing new mobile courses and learning materials from start or adapting existing ones to the limits of mobile design, educators have a lot to share. They must bear in mind that any learning materials they design must adhere to a variety of standards, render properly on a variety of screen sizes, and work with a variety of operating systems.

Two difficulties that must be addressed are networking and standby time

Although education technology advances at a quick pace, many educational institutions' Internet infrastructures are frequently overwhelmed when used by a large number of devices at the same time. As a result, school administration must guarantee that the school's capacity is up to date. Furthermore, they must devise a backup plan for any user who may experience issues with chargers or shared power outlets.

Avoiding the risk of distraction

Leaving aside the physical aspects, educators must ensure that mobile devices in the classroom are only utilized for educational purposes. Texting with friends, playing games, watching entertaining videos, browsing social media channels, and even answering phone calls are all simple tasks for kids.

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Future of Education

Well that entirely depends on the social acceptance of mobile device. For now, we know things can work with mobile devices, but such a radical social change is difficult to adapt too.

Moreover, the flexibility may come at the cost of discipline, and for educators this might a difficult to accept.

Because of the pandemic, the future might of education is misty at the moment. Things can only get clear when the dust settle. At the moment almost everything is in a state of flux.

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Education is a hot new trend which will only grow in demand as it becomes more convenient. In today's busy environment, convenience is everything, and it will continue to be for future generations.

Mobile learning throws up a lot of possibilities to new technology, and it's only going to get more sophisticated as time goes on.

A huge number of additional options are being provided to encourage associate study and to broaden your knowledge. It is a fantastic method to assist individuals in learning more effectively.

Hiring a tutor is advisable but not necessary, it may be that the child is able to cope up with education and exam pressure and also he/she has a supportive parents and elders. However, it is the need of the hour to make things easy for your child.

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The aforementioned paragraphs highlighted the benefits of homework. However, remember that homework is a supportive way to excel your child in academics. At the end of the day it is the responsibility of the child and parents to track the performance and progress along with the school faculty.

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