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How To Select A Tutor That Fits Your Requirement!

Follow These Guidelines To Select The Best Tutor.
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Hiring a tutor that suits you and your child is particularly important because the tutor is likely to play an integral part in determining your child’s academic success. Besides, if you are serious about your child’s education, and your resources are limited, then probably you would want to hire a such a tutor that delivers the best with in reasonable charges.  Any negligence in this part will definitely result in loss of time, energy, finances, and ultimately result in regrets. According to a document by Santa Ana College, qualities of a good tutor may include honesty, empathy, enthusiasm, listening, patience, playfulness, articulation, respect for privacy and confidentiality, and professionalism. Similarly, according to another resource document by The University of Queensland, a good tutor must be: accessible to consultancy, be well organised, incorporate student’s feedback, and respect personal boundaries etc. However, this is an non-exhaustive list. Hence, as parents, you would definitely not want to make an ill-informed choice, especially when it about your child’s future.

In this regard, this article critically articulates some essential points which one must be considered before choosing a tutor.

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Qualification and Experience!

The head of the line factor that one must consider before choosing a tutor is obviously the qualifications and experience of the candidate. For instance, if you want an English tutor for your child then an appropriate qualification may be an academic degree in creative writing, literature, social sciences or even a simple business degree. However, if you are going to select someone with a background in science or biology, then it might not be a good match. Similarly, the tutoring experience is the extension of the same idea. An experienced tutor is likely to be more articulate, professional and focused. While an inexperienced tutor is likely to rely on trial and error methodology and ultimately would waste time and resources. According to Indeed (2021), a tutor must be at least a high school diploma holder, if not a bachelor. Moreover, numerous institutions offer certification programmes in tutoring, one example is of National Tutoring Association in the US, which offers certification programmes. Hence, parents are advised to make a selection based on good qualifications and experience.

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Terms and Conditions

Moving on, now that you have sifted the right candidates, it is now time to negotiate terms and conditions. This step is particularly important because the rest of the tutoring sessions will depend on the terms and conditions that you set. According to a document by Amherst College named Tutor Best Practice, the terms and conditions must be clear and transparent. Moreover, the tutor must be compensated fairly, and any nuances related to compensation should be clearly mentioned. In this regard, if both the parties wish to negotiate terms through an arbitrator, that would be good as well. For instance, Parhai Likhai is a platform that acts as an arbitrator between the tutor and tutee. Hence, to have a smooth sailing during the tutoring sessions, a well-rounded agreement will definately reduce any conflicts that may emerge later on.

For a detailed terms and conditions of Parhai Likhai, Click Here!

Credibility and Reputation

Next in line comes credibility and reputation, which stands for both the tutor and the parents, and in case of any third party such as Parhai Likhai is involved then it is their reputation as well that matters. In this regard, all the parties must briefly investigate the other party’s previous dealings and in case if there have been any serious discrepancies on the part of any party, then it should be taken into consideration and appropriate measures should be taken. Some bits of advice for tutors to uplift their credibility and reputation, as put forth by MyTrustedTutors and Tan (2018) include: being professional, practising integrity, high specialization, lower fee structures, quality results, social networking, feedback, assertiveness and follow-ups. If these guidelines are followed, tutors can build good credibility in the social circle in which they practice tutoring.

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Flexibility and Co-operativeness

Another important quality of a good tutor is their degree of flexibility and cooperativeness. It is known that if tutoring is harsh, it is likely going to bore the student. Moreover, if the tutor exhibits rigidness and stubbornness during the demo session, it is a signal for parents that the tutor is likely to cause trouble while delivering the sessions. This is because tutoring jobs are kind of semi-formal arrangements, as there are many variables involved such as time, place, duration, part-time or full-time arrangements etc. Hence, there are going to be instances where things may require re-arrangements and re-shuffling, and a rigid tutor is likely to give up on these changing dynamics as they emerge. Hence, a tutor should be open-minded and bold enough to adjust according to the circumstances, or at least must have the will and intention to do so, instead of making such petty matters an issue of ego.

In this regard, an elaborated tutor’s handbook is attached Here!

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Ethics and General Behaviour!

Finally, a general, yet very important factor that tutee must consider before selecting a tutor is their ethics and general behaviour. No matter what profession one follows, being ethical about it is of paramount importance. According to an extract from the document by Lone Star College CyFair, a tutor must commit the student at all times to act in the best interest of tutees and protect the confidentiality of the tutee with the utmost integrity. Similarly, according to Eric (2018), a tutor must set clear boundaries, and expectations, and cultivate cultural sensitivity among the students. Other general ethical behaviours include respecting privacy, encouraging cultural diversity, purposeful teaching and being lenient with the tutee and respecting the profession of teaching with the utmost respect. All in all, being ethical while tutoring is very important as it will build the reputation of the tutor as well.

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To sum up our discussion, tutoring is a responsibility-intensive job as the future of a young soul depends on it, and for that matter, being diligent in the selection process of the tutor should is quite important. Good tutoring can be a game-changing event for the tutee as discussed earlier as well, that tutoring can make or break the child. An effective selection process should invite applicants that fit a certain criterion based on their education and experience, while other important factors to consider while selecting a tutor may include rightful terms and conditions, being mindful of the credibility and reputation of all the parties involved, flexibility and tutor’s co-cooperativeness, and the ethical outlook of the tutor. Following these guidelines will most certainly yield good tutoring experiences and save all the parties from regrets later on.

Hiring a tutor with ParhaiLikhai advisable but not necessary, it may be that the child is able to cope up with education and exam pressure and also he/she has a supportive parents and elders. However, it is the need of the hour to make things easy for your child.

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